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American Winds International has a 100% graduation and airline placement twelve years straight. We are committed to the success of our students and it shows!

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American Winds International

American Winds International is a branch of American Winds Aviation located at the Akron-Fulton Airport in Akron, Ohio USA. When learning to fly at American Winds, we offer you a professional, yet relaxed and fun environment. Most of your training will typically be one-on-one with your instructor, not in a crowded classroom. Personalized attention allows us to deliver your training at a pace suited to you so you can fly as often as you’d like. There is no big fee you must pay up front. You pay for the time you spend on the ground with your instructor and in the air learning to fly. Flight lessons typically last 1.5 to 2 hours so you can pay as go.

Birthplace of Aviation

The United States of America is the Birthplace of Aviation. Throughout the years, history has demonstrated that the United States has always been at the cutting edge of technology in the aviation industry. This is demonstrated by the Wright brothers making the first flight to putting the first man on the moon. Aviation is an integral part of the United States and when traveling, the main mode of transportation is by aircraft.

The 12 Step Process to Become a Student in The United States

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American Winds Flight Academy—a diverse, student-centered school where they pride themselves on building the lives of students through small class sizes, expert faculty, research, and cultural events.  They make students their priority, never losing sight of their reason for being here. Through orientations, awareness programs, and continually attentive guidance, American Winds Flight Academy students are given opportunities to thrive, whether it is inside or outside the classroom. Students who graduate from American Winds Flight Academy are well-rounded, educated, capable individuals. The flight school is like a family. People are always there for you with helping hands and you can never feel alone. At American Winds, you are always welcome with a smile.
Atul Sharma, Commercial/CFI
My name is Abdul Tukur, and I came to American Winds from my homeland of Nigeria. I was unsure of what to expect when I came to America, but the uncertainty I had was eased by American Winds. They made me feel welcomed from day one and took me in as part of the family. The flight instructors have been great and really show a personal interest in helping me reach my goal of being a career pilot. The school’s attention to detail and to my finances has been excellent.
Abdul Tukur, Private Pilot
Ayubowan! I’m Shai from Sri Lanka. I am an international student at American Winds Flight Academy. I got my Private Pilot’s License from my country and came here to complete my training. I received my instrument rating in June 2009 and am currently working towards becoming a commercial pilot. AWFA is a great place to train! I got to experience flying in different types of weather. I believe it has helped me in becoming a better pilot and also improved my confidence level. The environment at AWFA is warm and family oriented. They will help you in reaching your goal and also be there for you when you need support. I will definitely miss this place when my training is over. AWFA is my family in America.
Shai Azmy, Commercial License